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Sometimes a person will turn up in a place that is a long way from their family roots. These "Strays" have mainly been found because of a birth, marriage or death in a county or country other than the one that they have either being born in or grown up in. In especially the modern day with marriages taking place anywhere and everywhere this term will no longer apply, but as in the early 19th century family's tended to stay in their own surroundings usually marrying someone from their own or adjoining villages.
1881 Census. Charles Yotherd (Nothard) age 18 is working on a farm in Aughton near his former home of Spaldington. The rest of his family are now living in Todmorden and Leeds.
1851 Census. Thomas Nothard, age 40 of Airmyn near Goole, is found to be working in the village of Keadby in Lincolnshire.
1881 Census. Leonard Northam (Nothard) age 30, can be found working as a coachman for a clergyman in the village of South Wealds in Essex.
1901 Census. Mary Ann Nothard, daughter of George Nothard and the late Mary (Mawson) is found in the town of Selby in Yorkshire, where she is at a college for girls. She later went on to teach at Swinefleet School.
1914. Fred Nothard from Todmorden, turns up in Edinburgh where he marries Hannah Stephenson (nee Hodgins).
A Thomas P Nothard, born England, is found at a court in Cuyahoga, Ohio, North America, where he applied for naturalisation on the 2nd July 1874. It shows that he arrived in the country in January of 1866.
1851 Census for Wakefield shows a James Nothard age 11 Pauper.
1871 Census. Elizabeth A Nothard, age 7, is shown living with a Mary Dove, her grandmother.
1851 Census. An Ann Northard age 9 and born in Wakefield, is shown visiting the Bryers family in West Butterwick, Lincolnshire. There is a possibility that this is her grandparents?
A William Northard, born England, was granted naturalization at the Probate court in Lake, Ohio in the 1st October 1870. The witness was William Abbey possibly the brother of William's future wife Hannah Jane.