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Come, farmers all and gentlemen,
  Listen to my simple rhyme;
It tells of a young stallion,
  Just coming to his prime.
RUFUS, of Reedness, is his name,
  Heís by that noted sire;
That champion horse old RUFUS,
  What more can man desire?
His dam is by old DANEGELT,
  Thatís had so long career;
He's earned for Mr. Bourdass,
  A thousand pound a year.
And he is by old DENMARK,
  His dam is by St GILES;
You can find no better blood,
  If you go ten thousand miles.
DANEGELT is fourteen years of age,
  That horse of great renown;
Which for him Mr. Gilby paid,
  Five thousand guineas down.
Go where you will, in every shire,
  Youíll find some of his breed;
If you go down to Eccleshill,
  Youíll there find GANYMEDE.
And he is sired by DANEGELT,
  And the leading horse today;
Except his noble sire,
  And for him he must give way.
  Besides a many more;
That's left this little island,
  And sailed to a foreign shore.
There's MATCHEESS of Lonsborough,
They've gone to the United States,
  To see what they can do.
DANEGELT'S to serve one hundred mares,
  For a fifteen guinea fee;
And he has got his book filled up,
  For eighteen ninety-three.
Again to RUFUS I return,
  To see what he can claim;
The few short years he reigned on earth,
  To gain such widespread fame.
Foaled in 1890
Registered in the Hackney Stud Book No. 3926
The Property of
He came away from Norfork,
  He was bought by Mr. Moore;
That noted nag horse breeder,
  You have heard his name before.
When four years old at London Show,
  The judges acted wise;
In spite of competition,
  Gave RUFUS the first prize.
Another prize he also won,
  Competed for that day;
A silver medal, champion cup,
  He boldly bore away.
He won the third event that day,
  Itís a fact that we've been told;
The fifty-guinea cup he won,
  And a medal made of gold.
While at the show at Doncaster,
  And free from favour too;
He bore away the premium,
  What else could judges do?
When Yorkshire Show was held in Hull,
  The judges gave the prize;
To RUFUS for his action,
  His symmetry and size.
When London Show came round next year,
  In spite of great and small;
He won the three events again,
  At the Agricultural Hall.
He served at stud till six years old,
  His name got spread so wide;
When inflammation caught him,
  Then, alas, poor RUFUS died.
You can have the purest blood,
  Great Britain can produce;
With DANEGELT and with RUFUS,
  Inferior blood's no use.
So bring your mares to Reedness,
  And have the purest blood;
That can be found in all the world,
  By coming to Nothard's Stud.
Another word before we part,
  I think it only fair;
Each gentleman will kindly pay,
  Three guineas for each mare.