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"CONNAUGHT" came to the front again,
  This year at London Show;
He well deserved the prize he won,
  I think you all well know.
He marched around the show ring,
   With heart so light and gay;
There's nothing like good breeding,
   Ta's "Denmark" and "Fireaway."
Although he has been laid aside,
   His symmetry's the same;
Just as it was in boyhood,
  And to the front he came.
And that's induced his owner,
  To double his service fee;
So now it's twenty guineas,
  And that's too much for me.
Foaled in 1888
Registered in the Hackney Stud Book No. 3926
The Property of
But you can have one of that breed,
  By coming to Nothard's Stud;
For he has one by old "Connaught,"
  That's equally as good.
His dam is got by old "Danegelt,"
  That's so lately passed away;
He was the leading sire,
  Of roadsters in his day.
Here you have the finest sire--
  Connaught and "Danegelt's" blood--;
That you can find, go where you will,
  In any other stud.
And if you have not seen him,
  Come down at once and call;
His service fee is very low---
  Two guineas pays it all.