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Come farmers all and gentlemen,
  If Nags you wish to breed;
Seek out the best of Sires,
  With symmetry and speed.
You want both size and action,
  With good breeding all combined;
If you come down to REEDNESS,
  That's just what you will find.
If you bring your Mares to REEDNESS,
  You'll find NEW FASHION there;
And you shall have both strength and speed,
  Above the common share.
NEW FASHION is full brother,
  To RUFUS that's gone away;
So bring your Mare to FASHION,
  Don't wait another day.
Delays they say are dangerous,
  And with that I quite agree;
To make hay while the sun shines,
  Is best for you and me.
Take my advice and come at once,
  And no longer hesitate;
Embrace this opportunity,
  Next year may be too late.
NEW FASHION's sure to go away,
  But I cannot tell you when;
To join his brother RUFUS,
  Amongst the upper ten.
Take my advice, I give it free,
  To business look alive;
While you can have the purest blood,
  Amongst the lower five.
I need not tell NEW FASHION's breed,
  As most of you will know;
I gave you it in detail,
  About two years ago.
When I told you of young RUFUS,
  And the breeding of his mother;
If you will search his pedigree,
  You'll find he's RUFUS brother.
"New Fashion"
Foaled in 1891
Registered in the Hackney Stud Book No. 4911
The Property of
If you send a Mare to SAXON,
  Five guineas you must pay;
NEW FASHION's fee is only three,
  And not so far away.
Or if you fancy old CONNAUGHT,
  At a ten guinea fee;
You'll have to go to Kirkburn Grange,
  There's another pound you see.
Or GANNYMEDE the champion,
  That stands at Eccleshill;
His fee is fifteen guineas,
  But I know one higher still.
That other one is old DANEGELT,
  You have heard of him before;
If you should send a Mare to him,
  You'll have to pay a score.
NEW FASHION is his grandson,
  Mixed in with RUFUS blood;
So if you want perfection,
  Come down to NOTHARD STUD.
NEW FASHION's fee is not a score,
  Not even just fifteen;
And he is of as pure blood,
  As ever you have seen.
He will not charge ten guineas,
  Nor even up to five;
NEW FASHION's fee is moderate,
  So farmers look alive.
You need not pay extravagant fees,
  As people's done before;
When you can have the best of blood,
  Just at your own back door.
You'd better start Nag breeding,
  You'll find a better job;
Than growing wheat and selling it,
  A load for seven bob.
Another word before we part,
  And that will end my tune;
Three guineas you will kindly pay,
  On the twenty-first of June.