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Although I have come across the Nothard surname dating back to the mid 1500's, the first record that I found in the UK was of a marriage taking place in the small town of Barton upon Humber, Lincolnshire in 1741 between a William Nothard and a Mary Robinson. During the first few years of their marriage they lived in the Barton area where they had the first three of their many children. The family then seems to have moved to the small village of Kirkby cum Osgoodby, 25 miles south of Barton. Here there are records to show that they had another ten children, the last being in 1762. Of all of these children I have only found the record of one infant death but I am assuming that several more of the children must also have died at birth or soon after as there are instances of the same Christian name being used twice on two occasions. Although there are a couple of more Nothard births in the Doncaster area up until 1865 I have no actual record to say that these belong to the same family.
In 1775 a William, the first child of William and Mary, turns up in the small village of Reedness near the town of Goole in West Yorkshire. Here he married a Hannah Mote(Mite) in the local church of St Mary Magdalen in Whitgift, his abode at this time is known to have been in the neighbouring village of Swinefleet. Seven years later in 1783, his brother Thomas and his new wife Hannah Stephenson are recorded at the christening of their second son in Reedness, he is shown as being an Agricultural Labourer.
Where the original William and Mary ended up is a mystery as I have not found any records of either of their deaths. In the late 1770's there were a few other Nothard's buried at Whitgift, but none of these match up with any of this family. In 1776 there is a record of a marriage of a Richard Nothard of Snaith having married a Sarah Burr in the small village of Arksey near Doncaster, and in 1777 a Richard Nothard was buried at Whitgift so whether this is the same person or not who knows. No other information has come to light as yet whether the Nothard's of Reedness were related to those of Snaith, but is seems very likely as a William of Snaith married an Ann Naylor at Whitgift church in 1808.
Although the Nothard's have lived in the Reedness area for the past 200 years, many of their offspring moved with their new families to find work which led them across the Pennines to the Manchester area and some across the seas to North America, Australia and South Africa.
There are also some early records of the Nothard's in Germany mainly concentrated around the district of Wuerttemberg near the city of Stutgart. Some of these families also migrated to North America and South Africa, but matching them up is proving to be nearly impossible. 
I have come across several variants of the Nothard surname while searching records. Some of the following were used:
Northard, Novard, Norard, Neathard, Notherd, Nottiard, Nethard, Northern, Nutherd, Yotherd, and Noddard.
Nothard History